Artistic History

Yvonne G. Laycy. (formerly Yvonne Goldsmith) was born in Singapore and is of Singaporean and Australian decent. At the age of 4, Yvonne began training in violin and jazz ballet. From the age of 10, Yvonne became a member of many youth orchestras and chamber ensembles where she performed in countless concerts at the Sydney Opera House with reputable youth orchestras such as The Sydney Youth Orchestra. Through music and dance, Yvonne has travelled around the world.

It was at the Conservatorium of Music High School where she was accepted on a scholarship, Yvonne's stage presence and love of performance was ignited. This love of expression and performance was further continued when she accepted a music scholarship at the reputable St Andrew's Cathedral School, Sydney.

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Dance History - Summary


10 years Jazz Ballet/Funk

10 years Salsa (On1 & On2)/Cha cha/Bachata/Merengue

8 years Samba/Lambada/Zouk

4 years Classical Ballet

3 year Pilates


·    October 2012, 5th Place ANB National Oxygen Open Fitness Model short

·    Dec 10, 8th Place (On 1) World Latin Dance Cup

·    Oct 10, 2nd place (On 1) Australian Salsa Classic

·    Aug 10, 1st place (On 1) State salsa titles

·    May 10, 2nd place National Zouk Competition

·    Dec 07, 13th place (On 2) World Salsa Championships, Orlando

·    Jul 07, Semi-finalist Puerto Rico World Salsa Open

·    Apr 07, 1st place (On 2) Australian Salsa Classic

·    May 05, Finalist at the Los Angeles World Salsa Congress

·    May 05, Competitor at Club Mayan World Salsa Competition

·    Mar 05, 1st place, Australian Open Salsa Championships

·    Nov 04, 1st place Sydney Salsa Competition

·    Aug 04, 1st place Havana Club Freestyle Competition

·    May 04, 3rd place BJs Best of the Best salsa competition

·    Apr 03, Finalist Annual Brisbane Salsa Championships

·    Jan 03, Finalist Havana Cola Salsa competition

·    Apr 02, 1st place Fox Studio's Salsa Rueda Championships


Media & International Appearances

·   Harvey Norman/LG - Door in Door refrigerator - Presenter (2012)

·   Australand - Clemton Park - Presenter (2012)

·   Virgin Velocity Card - Air Hostess (2012)

·   Napisan/Vanish - Shopper (2012)

·   Mexico tour with Miguel Angel Castillo Jul 11

·   TV Pilot - Change My Life (Host)

·   Channel 7 "The Morning Show" (Advertorial)

·   Channel 9 “Mornings with Kerri-Anne” (Advertorial)

·   Channel 10 “9am with David and Kim” (Advertorial)

·   Aurora TV "The Wrong Show" (Comedy)

·   Sydney Salsa FM 88.1 (guest presenter)

·   Host of Latin Dance Alive 2007-09 (TVS/Channel 31)

·   Comfort Del Gro 5th Anniversary Celebration, Singapore Mar 08

·   13th Place World Salsa Championships Orlando Dec 07

·   Parramatta Sun, p10, Oct 07

·   Semi Finalist, Puerto Rico World Salsa Open Jul 07

·   New Zealand Salsa Congress Apr 07

·   Japan Salsa Congress October 05

·   Italy Tour Sep/Oct 05

·   UK Salsa Congress Sep 05

·   The Wentworth Courier “Mission Mode” Jul 05

·   West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles May 05

·   Sunrise, Channel 7, Apr 05

·   Mornings w/ Kerri-Anne, Channel 9, Nov 04

·   A Current Affair – Channel 9, Nov 04

·   The Latin Voice – “LDA at the LA Congress” Jun 04

·   West Coast Salsa Congress Los Angeles May 04

·   Zurich Int'l Salsa Congress, Switzerland 03

·   Dec 03, Singapore Workshops

·   Various appearances in Viva Latin Magazine 2002-03

·   The Latin Voice – “Australian schools in Zurich ”, Mar 03

·   The Sydney Morning Herald “UTS Leaders in Business” Jan 01

·   Channel 7, Dec 97-99 Carols in the Domain

·   The Canterbury Torch “Opting for Classics” May 96

·   The Broadarrow, "Touring the world” May 96

·   The Broadarrow, “Hidden Agenda” Jun 95

Despite her natural multi-faceted gift and passion for music and dance, she rejected a scholarship to study at the Conservatorium of Music University despite having a Diploma in Violin with Honours (A.Mus.A); instead she opted for a business scholarship that she won at The University of Technology, Sydney.

Yvonne graduated her accelerated scholarship degree at the end of 2003, and is a sustainability professional with one of Australia’s largest banks.

It was the initiation of a small course of Salsa and Merengue classes at The University of Technology, Sydney that sparked Yvonne's passion for Latin Dance. Yvonne was instantly captivated by the rhythmic Latin American music and dance, which allowed her to combine her natural affinity for performing, her musical ability and previous dance training.

She is one of Sydney’s most sought after street latin choreographers, performers and instructors due to her innate sense of rhythm, musical interpretation and her ability to break down all areas of dance technique.

The young Yvonne is known for her fire, energy, attitude and sexy ladies styling. She is currently receiving  invitations to teach and perform at congresses and events around the world including places such as Puerto Rico, San Fransisco, UK, Rome, Milan, Brescia, Nettuno, Genova, Japan, Berlin, Texas, Hawaii, Dubai, Mexico, Indonesia, Madrid, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. On a trip to LA, she was voted one of the sexiest salseras on and she was spotted by movie producers whilst dancing in nightclubs for several movies.

Since October 2002 she has taught countless numbers of students in Sydney, Australia and around the world, her forte being with advanced salsa dancers, technique, spins and ladies styling/shines.

She has worked for both Latin Motion Dance Academy, Tropical Soul and Latin Dance Australia as a teacher and performer. In 2011, Yvonne toured Mexico partnered with Miguel Angel Castillo and in September 2005, she partnered Oliver Pineda at the UK Salsa Congress and on a 10 day tour of Italy.


In December 2010 with partner Steve Fernandez, Yvonne placed 8th in the On 1 division at the World Latin Dance Cup in San Diego. In April 2007, partnered with Krin Bajough, Yvonne won the Australian Salsa Classic (On 2 division). July 2007 saw Krin and Yvonne compete at the Puerto Rico Salsa Open getting through to the semi finals. Krin and Yvonne placed 13th in the world (Salsa on2/Mambo division) at the World Salsa Championships in Orlando in December 2007.


Yvonne also judges dance competition including The Tropicana Competition 2010 & 2009, Sydney’s Best Social Samba Dancer 2011, Sydney Salsa Open 2010, Australian Salsa Solo Competition 2010, Brisbane Salsa Competition 2009, Ceroc Australia - Australasian Open Modern Jive Dance Championship in 2007.

Yvonne taught zouk masterclasses with the world renown Adilio Porto in May 2010 in Sydney.

·         October 2012, 5th Place ANB National Oxygen Fitness Model - Open Model (short)

·         December 2010, Yvonne and Steve placed 8th the World Latin Dance Cup in the On 1 division

·         October 2010, Yvonne and new dance partner Steve Fernandez placed 2nd in the On 1 division at the Australian  Salsa Classic after only 3 months of dancing together

·         August 2010, Yvonne and Steve placed 1st in the NSW state salsa titles

·         May 2010, Yvonne and Duncan placed 2nd in the National Zouk Competition

·         In December 2007, Yvonne and Krin placed 13th at the World Salsa Championships in Orlando.

·         In July 2007, Yvonne and Krin Bajough were semi finalists at the Puerto Rico World Salsa Open.

·         In April 2007, Yvonne with her partner Krin Bajough won 1st place at the Australian Salsa Classic allowing them to represent Australia at the 3rd annual World Salsa Championships.

·         In October 2005, Yvonne toured Rome and Milan partnering Oliver Pineda.

·         In September 2005, Yvonne represented Australia and Latin Motion with Oliver Pineda at the UK Salsa Congress.

·         In May 2005, Yvonne with Nestor Manuelian were finalists in the Los Angeles World Salsa Congress’ World Salsa Championships Qualifications – Cabaret Division. She also participated in the Club Mayan World Salsa Competition Professional Internationals selections. During this time in Los Angeles, she also represented Australia at the Los Angeles World Salsa Congress.

·         In March 2005, Nestor and Yvonne placed 1st in the Australian Open Salsa Championships.

·         In November 2004, Yvonne and her dance partner Nestor Manuelian came 1st in the 2nd Annual Sydney Salsa Competition and in August they placed as 1st in the Havana Club Freestyle competition in August 2004.

·         In May 2004, Yvonne represented Australia at the Los Angeles World Salsa Congress partnered with Nestor Manuelian and also placed 3rd in the BJs Best of the Best salsa competition.

·         In Jan 2003 she was a finalist in the Havana Cola Salsa competition 2003 and in April 2003 the First Annual Brisbane Salsa Competition 2003.

·         In February 2003 Yvonne represented Australia at the Zurich  Salsa Congress.

·         In April 2002, Yvonne won 1st place in the Latinize Rueda Competition.

·        In March 2002, Yvonne was a finalist in the Latinize Salsa Competition held at Fox Studios.


Some of Yvonne’s Music Achievements

·      Through Yvonne's acceptance into such orchestras as previously mentioned, she was given the opportunity to travel interstate as well as to travel Europe at the age of 13.

·      1st Place in the Macarthur District Eisteddfod section 505, 1996 (violin)

·      2nd Place in the Macarthur District Eisteddfod section 504, 1996 (violin)

·      1st Place , brass musicians – St George Players, 1995 (french horn)

·      Upon Yvonne's return to Australia in 1998 she received a scholarship to study violin at the Conservatorium of Music High School, at which time she put her dance studies on hold.

·      In 1997 and 1998, Yvonne won positions to attend National Music Camps in New South Wales and Western Australia where violinists of national and international reputation tutored her.

·      In 1998, Yvonne was the youngest violinist ever to have led the School's Spectacular Orchestra at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

·      At the age of 16 Yvonne won a scholarship to the reputable St Andrew's Cathedral School.

·      Upon the completion of the HSC, Yvonne was ranked 4th in the state for 3 unit music and was nominated to perform her HSC music performances as well as her composition at the Sydney Opera House Encore performance.

·      At the end of Yvonne's secondary school studies, she was awarded 2 further scholarships as well as a number of business cadetships.

·      During her study at the Conservatorium, Yvonne also picked up with great ease: The French horn, Piano and Singing

Yvonne G. Laycy.