Yvonne G. Laycy. presents

Learn more than 27 different styling moves plus variations for:

*  Cross Body Leads

*  Assisted spins

*  Solo spins

*  Inline turn

*  Circular Travel

Yvonne Laycy (formerly Yvonne Goldsmith-Vasquez) is an accomplished performer having been entertaining audiences as a violinist and dancer since the age of 4. She is a 4 time Australian salsa champion and has also represented Australia at world competition level placing 13th in the On2 division at the World Salsa Championships in Orlando (December 2007) and in July 2007 was a semi-finalist (top 10) at the Puerto Rico World Salsa Open. Her music and dance background has allowed her to travel across Europe, Asia and America.

"This DVD is for the lady that wants to learn styling during turn patterns. Styling is shown for commonly lead turn patterns including 16 ways to style your cross body leads, 5 different stylings for assisted spins, 1 more way to style your solo spins (not covered in my previous Spins DVD) 3 styling moves for the inline turn and 2 for the circular travel. All combinations are shown on 1 and on 2 and are thoroughly explained and demonstrated.”

There are countless tips and advice on how to improve your styling and how each styling move is versatile and can be used in other turn patters. This  styling will add the finishing touches to your dancing. All styling is show with Yvonne’s trademark cheeky, sexy and classic style and will get you and your partner noticed on the dance floor."

© Copyright 2007 Yvonne Laycy. All rights reserved.

DVD duration approx. 85 minutes.

Available in PAL and NTSC formats.

Yvonne G. Laycy.

Yvonne is known for her fire, energy, attitude and sexy ladies styling. She is one of Sydney’s most sought after street latin choreographers, performers and instructors due to her innate sense of rhythm, musical interpretation and her ability to break down all areas of dance technique.