Yvonne Goldsmith Ladies Styling On 1 DVD
Yvonne Goldsmith Ladies Styling On 2 DVD
Yvonne Goldsmith Spin DVD

Instructional DVDs

Yvonne has 6 instructional DVDs available for purchase:

  1. Ladies Partner Styling for common turn patterns Vol. 1(on1 and on2 - includes styling for the cross body lead, inline turn, circular travel, assisted spins)

  2. Ladies Partner Styling for common turn patterns Vol. 2(on1 and on2 - includes styling for the open break, wrap, enrosca and styling for when your partner is spinning)

  3. Ladies Partner Styling for common turn patterns Vol. 3(on1 and on2 - includes styling for the copa, 360 degree collect, whip, titanic and open prep)

  4. Ladies Styling On 1 - Solo and Partnered Shines Combinations (the material on this is different from Ladies Styling On 2)

  5. Ladies Styling On 2 - Solo and Partnered Shines Combinations (the material on this is different from Ladies Styling On 1)

  6. Spin - with Krin Bajough and Yvonne G. Laycy (formerly Goldsmith) (Suitable for Beginners - Professionals)


J.Lennox - Boston, USA

I received the video and have found it to be an immediate source of good instruction. You guys make it look easyJ

I wanted to thank you for producing a very good video. I really am enjoying every aspect of the videoand have learned subtle things beyond the mechanics invovled in actually turning the lady. I particularly like the free dance part at the end because the technique is so clean.

R.Barco - Virginia, USA

I  like  your  style; so for  me  you  are  so  good  like  Liz  Lira and Zulmara  Torres.


V.Bello - Texas, USA


I watched your dvd's and they are the greatest. I thank you so much for thinking about making these dvd's.


Liz A. - Florida, USA.


"Hey! Loved the DVD by the way. It was exactly what I needed. My studio only teaches footwork but I wanted to know how make the footwork look hot."


I.T - Oslo, Norway.


"I've looked through the DVD and it's very well explained. I'll let you know which are my favourites bits once I've had a chance to practice"


A.Reyes - New York, USA.


"My 19 year old daughter is a dancer and I'm always searching for new learning tools for her. Recently we researched videos on You Tube and found your performances. My daughter is in love with you. She actually used a few of your moves in a dance she put together. I want to surprise her because as I said she absolutely loves your styling and turn patterns.

You and your partner are absolutely fantastic."

N.K - North Carolina, USA

The "Ladies styling on 1" DVD came this week and I got a chance to see and dance with it yesterday morning. I am impressed with your DVD. I like the content and techniques taught. I like the detail of the way you break down the steps. I have a lot of instructional DVD's that have very little content, with no worthwhile techniques to share nor interesting routines to practice.

Bonnie N. - Ontario, Canada

"I got them - they're great...particularly the ladies styling - I can't wait to get out and practice. Wonderful! Very playful and fun"

Anita M. - London, UK

"The DVDs are simply wonderful. I have already tried out some of the techniques on your dvds and wowed my friends in the process on the dance floor. Thank you very much."

M.Gray - USA

Your spins video is amazing. I have several from other teachers ... they both offer good stuff but yours is far more complete both in the types of spins and the technical breakdown. You and Krin did an incredible job with it.

S.Sampson - Toronto, Canada

I received your dvds last Friday. I really like them and it is worth the investment

S.Lucas - MD, USA

I love your DVD, its easy to follow and fun to do! I especially like the Neyo Spin.

Rim.Z - France

I received the DVDs, they are fantastic. You are a great salsa teacher and dancer. Congratulations.

V.Gandhi - India

I'm an intermediate salsa dancer. I bought your spinz dvd and i've already learnt double spinz,travel turns,twister and many more solo turns thanks to u and krin.

Yvonne G. Laycy. On 1 Ladies Styling and Shines DVD
Yvonne G. Laycy. On 2 Ladies Styling and Shines DVD
Yvonne G. Laycy spin DVD
Ladies Styling Styling On 1
Solo and Partnered Shine Combinationshttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id19.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id19.htmlsolo_on1.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
Ladies Styling On 2
Solo and Partnered Shine Combinationshttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id21.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id21.htmlsolo_on2.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
with Krin Bajough and Yvonne Goldsmithhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlspin.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Yvonne G. Laycy.

Ladies Styling for Common Turn Patterns Vol. 3 - On1 and On2http://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnelaycy.com/dvds/ladies_partner_styling_vol3.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Ladies Styling for Common Turn Patterns Vol. 1 - On1 and On2http://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
Ladies Styling for Common Turn Patterns Vol. 2 - On1 and On 2http://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnegoldsmith.com/id22.htmlhttp://www.yvonnelaycy.com/dvds/ladies_partner_styling_vol2.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1

You can purchase these DVDs using Paypal by clicking on the "Add to Basket" icons below. DVDs are AUD $35 each and postage costs AUD $6 for one DVD (add $2 for each additional item ie. Postage for 2 DVDs = $8.00, postage for 3 DVDs = $10.00, for 4 DVDs = $12.00, for 5 DVDs or more = $14). Postage is from Australia and can be sent anywhere in the world. DVDs are available in NTSC and PAL formats.  Video clips sampling these DVDs may be viewed by clicking on the DVD pictures below.

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