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There is a very exciting upcoming event I’ll be partaking in early next year...the world famous RIO DE JANEIRO CARNIVAL. There will once again be an Australian float as part of the parade. If you are interested in partaking, please get in touch with me via facebook of dance@yvonnelaycy.com . Dancing samba is not a pre-requisite for participation, and you don’t need to be Australian either. If this is an item on your bucket list, get in quick to secure your place.


If you know any mums of young babies or soon to be mums in Sydney, be sure to let them know about my mums and bubs fitness class. These classes are designed specifically for post natal recovery.

March Newsletter

Rehabilitation of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor is a focus of the class. The great thing is your baby is your workout partner. You get to where your wear your baby in a carrier for the majority of class, with most babies sleeping by the end of class while mum gets a great low impact workout that incorporates a variety of dance moves. Check out www.fitwithbub.com.au and like www.facebook.com/fitwithbub



Due to popularity, the special continues on my DVD sets.

Purchase 6 of my DVD series for $USD 180 including postage (over 20% off).  Or purchase any 3 DVDs for $USD 95 postage included (over 15% off). To take advantage of the specials you must go to:www.yvonnelaycy.com/dvds/specials.html

My DVD series makes a great birthday present and I’ll happily send an autographed photo with personal message  for any orders over March.

Sambalicious Rio Carnival Australian Float 2014